Project Overview


  • Single landowner.
  • Sited in an area with world-class wind resources.
  • Total potential capacity of up to 355 MW.
  • No fatal flaws have been identified.
  • Connecting directly to the backbone of the Montana electrical grid on the 500 kV Colstrip Transmission System.

Montana based, Haymaker Wind, LLC is developing the Haymaker Ranch Wind Energy Project. The project will be located on private land in Wheatland County, Montana, seven miles northwest of the small community of Two Dot. The project is located on a large ranch, owned and operated by a single landowner on a relatively flat, grassy and windy plateau.

To assess the wind resource three 60 meter met towers were installed across the site and over three years of wind data have been collected. The wind resource assessments confirmed that the area has some of the highest wind speed and capacity factors in the United States.

A Regulatory and Environmental Constraints Analysis was completed for the project site. The analysis evaluated land ownership, permitting and environmental issues with no fatal flaws or roadblocks being identified.  Since the project is sited on private land, the permitting is less complex and can be accomplished within a short timeframe closer to construction. Environmental studies such as eagle use and nest surveys are currently under way to comply with US Fish Wildlife Service guidelines in accordance with applicable regulations. According to the State of Montana Sage Grouse Habitat Mapping database, the project is not within any designated habitat area.

The project will ultimately tie into the Colstrip 500 kV Transmission System which runs from Colstrip, Montana to the Bonneville Power Administration’s system, serving the pacific northwest.